Learning Objectives

1. Learn how to get involved and attract a possible client in to nutrition counseling sessions.

Resources/ Activities

  • Attend to various health, and nutrition fairs

  • Shadow dietitians that attend fairs, and observe what they do

  • Study the subject to be treated to increase confidence to speak with a possible client.


  • Have a patient register to nutrition counseling

  • Have people interested in speaking about nutrition counseling

2. Learn how to work with a client that does not have motivation and does not follow the dietitian's advice

Resources/ Activities

  • Shadow at least two dietitians to see their reaction to this problem

  • Attend to health fairs

  • Talk to Krista (the executive director) for advice


  • Write a report on a client with low motivation, and possible suggestions

  • Practice with someone I know that has low motivation for nutrition counseling

3. Learn how to make an appropriate report after visiting clients


  • Read previous nutrition reports

  • Have an updated growth chart of the WHO

  • Talk to Krista, the executive director to see what is expected in every report


  • Write a report after each client that has been visited

  • Get feedback from Krista on my reports.

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